The European Film Market & Berlinale:

NovoKino is the first Bulgarian Company with a Slate of Arthouse and Privately Financed Films

We are interested in promoting films from Bulgaria, the Balkans, North America and Europe

Meet us: 14-25 Feb 2018

* Custard Apple Pictures - Pop-Up Office 40, MGB (15-16 Feb) / * Bulgarian National Film Center - Stand G9, MGB (17-23 Feb)

Request a Meeting:

Neshka Karadzhinska (Sales and Promotion Agent, Producer), +359/ 886 395 408

+359/ 886 395 408 - whatsapp

Meet our films' producers:

August King: Bandit - 18-22 Feb

Zlatina Filipova, Desislava Kovacheva: Runaway Smartphone - 15-19 Feb

Merlijn Poolman: Brüder - 19-23 Feb

Michael Geidel: Revelation - 15-25 Feb

Georgi Naldzhiev (actor): Bandit, Transgression - 20-25 Feb

Meet our Partners:

Lyubo Yonchev (short films distributor): Crystal Frame - 17-21 Feb

Lyubo Yonchev (producer): Four Elementz - 17-21 Feb

Irina Gurova (producer): iFilm - 15-22 Feb

Maxim Genchev, Zlatina Filipova, Desislava Kovacheva (director, producers): Amrita Art - 15-19 Feb

Meet our Main Partner:

Custard Apple Pictures, India - MN Gujar (sales agent, producer) - 15-25 Feb

Market Screenings:

IYE (The Others) - 17 Feb 7:25 PM - CinemaxX 16

Shankar Mudi (Shankar, The Grocer) -
18 Feb 2:00 PM - Parliament House Studio

Berlinale News:

GEORGI NALDZHIEV with a Premiere

Georgi Naldzhiev in the main role in Bandit and in supporting role in Transgression will have a premiere in Berlinale with the film:

Touch Me Not by Adina Pintilie

22 Feb, Berlinale Palast, 10:00 PM

Co-production with AGITPROP, Bulgaria

The Bulgarian film Aga by Milko Lazarov will close the official main program of BERLINALE 2018

Producer: Veselka Kiryakova - Red Carpet

23 Feb, Berlinale Palast, 10:00 PM

Promotion and Festival Distribution Line-up


By Raymond Steers

Psychological Thriller - Fantasy - SciFi, USA - Bulgaria, 87 min, 2018
When an attractive stranger arrives in a small, Eastern European town, he appears at first to be a photographer shooting startling portraits on black and white film, but turns out to be something different altogether.


By Val Todorov

Drama, Bulgaria, 115 min, 2018
TV talk show hosts bait young Yana into confessing her unusual relationship with an aging rocker. This leads to a chase by vigilante group of hunters and other complications.


By August King

Drama - Crime - True Story, UK, 81 min., 2017
After serving a short prison sentence in UK, a young Bulgarian emigrant returns to his home town in order to help his sister get back on her feet, but the status-quo drives him into a cruel revenge with irreversible consequences.

The Motorbike

by Valentin Goshev

Historical - True Story - Family, Bulgaria, 83 min, 2018
The Motorbike is a film about friendship, which can endure for years, regardless of the ups and downs of historical events. In this film, Slavcho, Evelina and Willy (a German boy at their age) study in the village of Barakovo during the Second World War, where the three encounter for the first time love and hatred.

Runaway Smartphone

By Maxim Genchev

Children's - Adventure, Bulgaria, 90 min, 2018
A smartphone turns into a time machine and sends three teenagers into the 19th Century to get rebels' gold treasure. They come back into the present times together with the two rebels instead.

The Curie Case

By Andrey Hadjivasilev

Children's, Bulgaria, 50 min, 2018
Tony is a studious kid who loves science and dreams of becoming a great scientist one day. His bedroom looks like a laboratory and he has deliberately named his lab mouse after Marie Curie. Although he is just eight years old, Tony will participate at the National Science Fair with his own experiment and his new friend Raya.

Review of Inner Spaces

by Maxim Genchev and
Desislava Kovacheva

Drama - Noir, Bulgaria, 70 min, 2017
Nina is 35 and she loves Max so much that she longs to have a child with him... Max loves her too but he doesn't want a child, he is afraid... that he will be killed soon and only he knows that fact.


By Velislava Gospodinova

Animation - Short, Bulgaria, 7 min., 2017
An artistic impression, driven by the rhythm of the music and the freedom of the dance, creates a magical world, where Love is the leading metaphysical force that overpowers life and death.


Twisted World

By Marius Kurkinski

Black Comedy - Magical Realism, Bulgaria, 90 min, 2019
Conceived in sin and abandoned by his parents, Milyu is fighting all his life to prove that one's will to prosper can change circumstances. Twisted World is a quest for happiness in a hostile world.


by Hendrik Jan Vermeulen,
Merlijn Poolman

Documentary, The Netherlands - Bulgaria, 2019
Brüder, the German word for Brothers, is the search for a common European story. A story that was forged during the "great seminal catastrophe of the 20th century": the First World War.


By Neshka Karadzhinska

Drama, Germany - Bulgaria - India, 20 min, 2018
Maria (18) films her intimate confession and publishes it on the Internet with the intention to seduce her audience. However, the ultimate challenge is to face her own fears reflected in the mirror of people's expectations.


by Dimitar Petkov

Drama - Crime, Bulgaria, 87 min., 2020
A provincial town in Bulgaria, in the night of 28 December 1979. The Soviet troops have just invaded Afghanistan. Fear is hovering in the air. The army is in high alert. Three militiamen and their superior get entangled in a deadly story.

Lily and The Anarachist

by Antoniy Donchev

Histrorical - Drama, Bulgaria, 100 min., 2021
During the WWII, a beautiful girl is implicated in a lethal love triangle. One of her lovers is responsible for the deportation of the Jews to the death camps. The other is a Jew, anarchist, sentenced to death. This is the true story of Lilyana Panitza, known as The forgotten savior of the Bulgarian Jews.

Wild Strawberries

By Neshka Karadzhinska

Mystical - Adventure - Family, Bulgaria
Joanne and Patrice find themselves in the deep forests of the Rodopi Mountains in Bulgaria in the house of a mysterious old man, Peter. The three of them embark on a magical experience to save the spirit of his beloved woman, turned into a nymph after her death 70 years ago.


By Neshka Karadzhinska

Drama - Romance - Coming-of-age, Bulgaria
Viki is forced to embrace her new life as a loner in a small town in Mexico after her family moves permanently from Bulgaria. Her prophetic dreams lead her to intense encounters and love with another young woman and a man. It all reveals itself at her 15th birthday.

Films in Archive

Our films before NovoKino


by Neshka Karadzhinska

Drama - Philosophical, Bulgaria, 9 min, 2011
The owner of the pawnshop turns out to be a very unpleasant man. The old lady who appears mysteriously makes him irritated. But, what actually does she want from him? What she brings is priceless, a family treasure, heritage.

Does It Make Sense When
It Doesn't Make Sense?!

By Neshka Karadzhinska

Documentary, Bulgaria, 29 min, 2008
A documentary for three young artists and the art of performance. "The very reaction of the audience was interesting. Because you can do anything, they can watch it in many different ways and you can call this art, because this is the live reaction of the people, but in fact it is your idea..."

Distributed Films in Archive

Films we have distributed before NovoKino

Inches from the Ground

by Maxim Genchev

Thriller - Comedy - Drama, Bulgaria, 114 min, 2016
Based on True Events
A border post in Bulgaria, 1954. The mind of little Michael is full of kaleidoscopic panoramas of naive Socialism, Balkan Stalinism and the Cold War. Without realizing what happens just inches from the ground, everyone clings to their own grotesque existence.


by Maxim Genchev

Hystorical - Drama - Portrait, Bulgaria, 130 min, 2015
While in Europe free personality triumphs, an empire in the East is in agony. When slaves do not realise that they are enslaved... One is chosen to bear the cross of his enslaved people - Levski.


by Iliya Kostov

Drama, Bulgaria, 101 min, 2012
A hundred-year-old church that periodically emerges only to be submerged again by the waters of a huge reservoir: this is the spot where Father Zlatan is attempting to organize a gathering of the surviving, globally-scattered descendants of the sunken village.


by Neshka Karadzhinska

Drama - Philosophical, Bulgaria, 9 min, 2011
The owner of the pawnshop turns out to be a very unpleasant man. The old lady who appears mysteriously makes him irritated. But, what actually does she want from him? What she brings is priceless, a family treasure, heritage.

Does It Make Sense When
It Doesn't Make Sense?!

By Neshka Karadzhinska

Documentary, Bulgaria, 29 min, 2008
A documentary for three young artists and the art of performance. "The very reaction of the audience was interesting. Because you can do anything, they can watch it in many different ways and you can call this art, because this is the live reaction of the people, but in fact it is your idea..."

Our Team

Neshka Karadzhinska

producer, director, sales and distribution manager

Neshka (1986, Sofia) is an award winning filmmaker, producer and film agent with a diverse artistic background. After her graduation in Film and Television Directing and Cinematography in New Bulgarian University she has worked as a director, cinematographer, camera operator and photographer in film, TV and advertising. In 2013 she completed an internship program in Film Producing in Chouchkov Brothers in Sofia. Since than Neshka has taken part in numerous productions as an assistant director and junior producer, and attended The EFM, Marche du Film, Dubai Film Market, Agora Market and Sofia Meetings.
Neshka has written, directed and produced the short Pawnshop and the documentary Does It Make Sense When It Doesn`t Make Sense?!. Both films have been presented at more than 60 national and international festivals and brought her 9 awards and nominations for best short and best first film, direction and production. She is a member of the Bulgarian Film Academy.

Zornitsa Petkova

assistant producer and sales

Zornitsa Petkova is a director/producer. She has worked abroad for about 10 years. Her works includes producing and directing shorts films in London, UK for different independent film makers. Her shorts has been screened in some if the biggest film festivals around the globe. In Bulgaria she has completed a master degree in film directing in New Bulgarian University. Zornitsa has been part of the So Independent film festival team in 2016 and 2017.

Lora Had

director and producer, representative in Milan

Lora Had (1986, Sofia) is a filmmaker, producer, casting agent and assistant director. After graduating in Cinema and Television Directing in New Bulgarian University in Sofia she took part in couple of independent productions in New York and California. No long after that she studied in the Academy of Visual Arts Brera in Milan, Italy, where she specialized in Theater and Video. Currently, Lora is working as a freelancing film and commercial video professional in Milan as well as other European cities.
She is a director and producer of the documentary films In Love with Milan and My Godmother (in production) and executive producer of the documentary Once a Year One is Alloweed to Go Crazy by Fabio Bartot (in postproduction).

Anka Karadzhinska

production intern, representative in Cologne

Anka (1989, Sofia), also known as Erma Herman, is a visual artist, singer, unconventional thinker and is just making her first steps in film.

Raya Rumenova

creative director, editor

Raya (1993, Sofia) is a filmmaker and video artist. In her work she combines themes of reality with fiction, communicating and creating her own language through video. Raya experiments with diverse media and works with abstract visuals. In 2017 she completed a degree in Interactive/Media/Design at The Royal Academy of Art, The Netherlands, with the project AnOther.
Her first short film Clozapine was released in 2015, not long after a documentary about STET The English Theatre in The Hague.

Kliment Hristov

production assistant, editor

Kliment (1981, Sofia) is a filmmaker and video editor, bachelor in Film and TV Direction and Master in Graphic Design in New Bulgarian University. Since 2007 he has been working in the Military Television Channel and News Agency BGNES where he is a senior editor. He has edited the documentary films Farewell by Ulyana Mateva, One Athom in the Cosmos by Vladimir Belov, The Reforms in Romania by Georgi Atanassoff along with the short fiction film Nirvana by Vladimir Belov, the TV show Starbox and numerous commercial videos and corporate films in a creative team with Neshka Karadzhinska.


We are a young film production, distribution and promotion company, based in Sofia, Bulgaria, since January 2018.

We focus on arthouse, avant-garde, innovative and genre productions marked by outstanding artistry, creative yet serious approach and messages of universal value. We have a special taste for music, fantastic concepts, exploration, portraits, philosophy, poetry, humanity and women-driven stories.

We (co-)produce, represent and distribute internationally feature fiction, documentary, short and animated films, virtual reality, interactive and multimedia/transmedia projects.

Along with our main focus we offer varied creative and production services such as concept and project development, consulting on funding and distribution, festival distribution planning, local line producing, crew and talents management. We also provide services and video producing for selected commercial and TV projects.

We believe in togetherness. NovoKino's Partners Network is based on a free and flexible collaboration between like-minded film professionals around the world. We act as a local representative of foreign companies and international agent for our Bulgarian partners. Our goal is to set a unique co-working structure bridging independent cinema in Europe, North America and Asia. This will allow bringing quality projects and films from companies with limited international reach to broader audiences.

Do you have a story you want to send us?
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EFM at Berlinale
15-25 February, Berlin

In the upcoming EFM at Berlinale our main goals is networking with distributors, sales agents and festivals representatives. We are looking for additional financing, post-production and distribution partners for the films Transgression, Immunity, NoOne, Bandit and Runaway Smartphone. Contact us!

Sofia Meetings and Sofia IFF
8-18 March, Sofia

Sofia Meetings is the biggest international industry event in Bulgaria. We are going to present NovoKino to the community for the first time.



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