by Neshka Karadzhinska

Drama - Fantasy - Philosophical

Bulgaria, 8:42 mins, 2011



An old lady is taking her most precious possession to the pawnshop owned by Kalin Banderov.

The owner of the pawnshop, Kalin Banderov, turns out to be a very unpleasant man. The old lady, who appears mysteriously, makes him irritated. But, what actually does she want from him? What she brings is priceless, a family treasure, heritage… At the time when the old lady tells with a husky voice about how her husband passed away shortly after their son was born, Kalin Banderov is calculating in his mind the value of the object.

Original Title: Zalozhna kashta
Year: 2011
Country: Bulgaria
Duration: 8:42 min.
Shooting Format: 35 mm
Language: Bulgarian (with English subtitles)
Written by: Neshka Karadzhinska, based on the original story by Deyan Enev
Director of Photography: Dobromir Nikolov
Music by: Stefan Dragostinov
Main Cast: Bistra Tuparova, Kalin Sarmenov
Produced by: Ivan Tonev, Neshka Karadzhinska
Production: ARS Digital Studio, New Bulgarian University, Nu Boyana, Kodak Bulgaria, Jelfilm
Financing: The National Fund Culture, The Fund for Strategic Development and the Students Council of New Bulgarian University


Pawnshop in with an article by Julian Spasov (in Bulgarian)
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