Wild Strawberries

by Neshka Karadzhinska

Mystical - Adventure - Family

Bulgaria, in script development


Two adventurers, JOANNE (female 21, American) and PATRICE (male 24, French), leave their perfectly cozy lives to travel "to the East" until either they find a reason to go back, or disappear from modern comfort forever. Soon after they accidentally find themselves in Bulgaria in the deep forests of the Rodopi Mountains and are invited to stay in the house of a mysterious old man, PETER (90).

As if in a fairy-tale dream, Peter relates to them the memories from his amazing life as a travelling dancer, and the dramatic love story in which the mythical nymphs of the mountain help him save his beloved wife KALINA (18) by turning her into a nymph as well. The myth says Peter can be with her again when he completes a ritual and let go of everything that matters most to him.

Joanne and Patrice are not only drawn in by the story, but begin to participate in it. The three embark on an extraordinary magical experience that leads them to find the true purposes of their lives.

Title in Bulgarian: Divi Yagodi
Year: TBD
Country: Bulgaria
Duration: 90 min.
Shooting Format: 2K Flat / 35 mm
Language: English, Bulgarian, French
Written by: Georgi Georgiev
Director of Photography: Rosen Savkov
Music by: Georgi Andreev
Choreographer: Ivailo Ivanov
Produced by: Angel Georgiev, Ivo Nikolov
Production: Angel Production, Four Elementz, Audiovideo Orpheus
Partners: The Bulgarian National Folklore Ensemble Philip Koutev, the Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Tourism of Republic of Bulgaria
Associate Producer: Neshka Karadzhinska

We are looking for a co-writer and co-production interest

Contact us for more information: nk@novokino.com, angel.filmmaking@gmail.com


The Bulgarian National Folklore Ensemble Philip Koutev's Official Website
The Bulgarian National Folklore Ensemble Philip Koutev in YouTube

Wild Strawberries'S CREW



Neshka was born in 1986 in Sofia. She has graduated in Film and Television Directing and Cinematography in New Bulgarian University. She has written, directed and produced the shorts Pawnshop and Does It Make Sense When It Doesn't Make Sense?!. Both films have been presented at more than 40 national and international festivals and brought her 9 awards and nominations for best short and best first film, direction and production.

Rosen Savkov

Director of Photography

Rosen was born in 1990 in Sofia. He has graduated in Cinematography National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts Krastyo Sarafov (NATFA). He is one of the youngest award winning cinematographers in Bulgaria, known for his work in numerous fiction and documentary films, commercial and music videos. Filmography: Borders (2018), Good Morning, Captain (2016), Tai Dzi (2015), Bread and TV (2014), Every Piligrim's Way (2014), A Scent of a Couple (2013), etc.

Angel Georgiev


Angel was born in 1978 in Varna, Bulgaria. After working several years in the field of the industrial production in England, he returned to Bulgaria to dedicate himself to alternative therapy and filmmaking. His first film is Tai Dzi (2015) in co-production with Sheng Fei (China).



Four Elementz is an independent company founded in 2014 by the cinematographer Rosen Savkov and the film director Ralitsa Stefanova. The four elements of the company's activities are: film and video production, advertising, design and event management. 4LMNTZ is well known for its quality film and audiovisual production as well as with the platform for free and independent art Gallery/Studio Underground in Sofia. Main Producer in Fpur Elementz is Ivo Nikolov.

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