Runaway Smartphone

by Maxim Genchev

Children's - Adventure

Bulgaria, 90 mins, 2018



A Smartphone turns into a time machine and sends three teenagers into the 19th Century to get rebels' gold treasure. They come back into the present times together with the two rebels instead.

Three teenagers Angelina, Marko and Philip are trying to collect money in various ways for medical treatment of a sick child. However, the child's father, who is a weak-willed drunk, gambles away the money they have collected. Desperation drives the young people to look for Chieftain Vulchan's hidden treasure. Then they have incredible adventures when in a magic way they are transported to the time of the formidable haidouks. At a moment when their lives hang by a thread, the three should instantly return to their present world. While they are going through the time line two of the haidouks - Chieftain Vulchan and Father Martin - are also transported to the present time when a portal opens up by mistake. Having found themselves in the unknown world of the future, they help the boys free Angelina, who was kidnapped by her father's creditors. They find the hidden treasure to help the sick child, and give the young people a lesson in moral, responsibility, and fairness.

The film is suitable for children of 9-18 years of age and their parents.

Title in Bulgarian: Smartphonat Beglec
Year: 2018
Country: Bulgaria
Duration: 90 min.
Shooting Format: 2K FLAT
Sound: Dolby 5.1
Language: Bulgarian, English, Italian (with English subtitles)
Written by: Dr. Zlatina Filipova
Director of Photography: Hristo Genkov
Main Cast: Simeon Filipov, Matey Genchev, Vasilena Stoyanova
Produced by: Dr. Zlatina Filipova
Executive Producer: Desislava Kovacheva
Production: Amrita Art
Available Territories: World

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Runaway Smartphone'S CAST AND CREW

Maxim Genchev


Maxim Genchev is an award winning Bulgarian film director, writer and actor. He is born on the 28th of September 1954 in Bulgaria. Maxim graduated in the Bulgarian National Film and Theatre Academy Kr. Sarafov in 1980 under Professor Kr. Azarian. He worked 20 years as an actor in major Bulgarian theaters and over 30 international and national film productions and TV series. In 2007 he started his career as a film director and writer: Runaway Smartphone (2018), Review of Inner Spaces (2017), Inches from the Ground (2016), Levski (2015), Intruder (2010), On the Sidewalk Throne (2010, documentary), The Gerak's Family (2008). For the film Levski Maxim holds the awards for Best Historical Drama in Artisan Festival International Cannes World Cinema Initiative 2015, Best Film Editor in Feature Film in Darbhanga International Film Festival 2017 and the National Award for Excellence in Film Acting Lyubimetz 13 2015 in Dimitrovgrad, Bulgaria (shared with the rest of the film's cast).

Dr. Zlatina Filipova

Scriptwriter and Producer

Zlatina is a film producer, writer and sole investor. She was born in Burgas, Bulgaria. More than 20 years she practices aesthetic dermatology in Abu Dhabi, Malta and Bulgaria. In 2013 she founded Amrita Art Film Company in Bulgaria and in 2016 Goldamax Film in Malta. Zlatina invested one of the largest amounts of money ever given in Bulgaria for her first film Levski (2015). Her next films are Inches from the Ground (2016) and Runaway Smartphone (2018).

Desislava Kovacheva

Executive Producer

Desislava graduated in Piano and Art Management at the Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts in Plovdiv and Public Administration in South-West University. She started her film career in 2008 producing the independent feature The Gerak's Family and later the films Intruder (2010), On the Sidewalk Throne (2010) and Review of Inner Spaces (2017). In Levski (2015), Inches from the Ground (2016) and Runaway Smartphone (2018) she is an executive producer.

Simeon Filipov

Actor in role: FILIP

Simeon was born in 2003 in Abu Dhabi, UAE. He lived there until 2014, after that in Malta. He has acted in children's plays since he was 5 years old. He played Yago the parrot in the musical Aladdin, stage production of Stagecoach drama class in Malta. At the age of 9 Simeon was chosen for the role of the little Vasil in the film Levski (2015), and the year after for the leading role in Inches from the Ground (2016). For his role in Levski he has been awarded for Best Actor in a Feature Film in Darbhanga International Film Festival 2017 and with the National Award for Excellence in Film Acting Lyubimetz 13 2015 in Dimitrovgrad, Bulgaria (shared with the rest of the film's cast).

Vasilena Stoyanova

Actress in role: ANGELINA

Vasilena was born on the 5th of July 2001. Her first role is the leading role of Angelina in the children's film Runaway Smartphone. Still in the college she makes her first steps in professional commercial and portrait photography, mainly in black and white. Angelina enjoys reading thriller, mystery, crime, philosophical and science literature. Her favourite flower is the sunflower. She dreams to learn to compose music and pilot airplanes and dislikes when people don?t make difference between astronomy and astrology.

Matey Genchev

Actor in role: MARKO

Matey was born in 1999 in Sofia. He acted in the leading role in Inches from the Ground (2016) and The Gerak's Family (2008) and in supporting role in Levski (2015). Matey is a director of three short films: The Camera is Set, What's up Bro and Love is Blind. In 2017 he created the popular online show Teen Scene.