by Val Todorov


Bulgaria, 115 min., 2018



TV talk show hosts bait young Yana into confessing her unusual relationship with an aging rocker. This leads to a chase by vigilante group of hunters and other complications.

TV talk show hosts bait young Yana into confessing her unusual relationship with an aging rocker, Stoil. The nonlinear narrative follows the associative connections in Yana's memories: wild parties, a motorcycle rally, threesome with her best girlfriend, beach-side bonfires, a crypto-gay machista's birthday, a cheap tattoo shop, a posh spa hotel, wine testing, pot smoking and transgressive sex. However, her TV confession provokes a conservative backlash. Chased by vigilantes, Yana and Stoil end up in a mountain hut, gearing up for a final standoff. Does Yana herself know the real story, though? Is she a reliable narrator? It's all about the connections - free and forced, literal and metaphorical, verbal and musical, real and imaginary, genetic, sexual and dreamed up.

Original Title: Transgresia
Year: 2018
Country: Bulgaria
Duration: 115 min.
Shooting Format: HD 1080p
Language: Bulgarian (with English subtitles)
Written by: Val Todorov
Directors of Photography: Kiril Prodanov, Mihail Boevski
Music by: Smallman, Rossen Pentchev, Cherno Feredzhe, Beloslava
Main Cast: Maria Bakalova, Rossen Pentchev
Produced by: Val Todorov
Production: Demiurgia
Executive Producer: Yancho Mihailov
Associate Producer and Sales Representative: Neshka Karadzhinska
Other Releases: The Director's Cut from 2017
Available Territories: World

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Val Todorov is a writer, film director and activist. He finished Physics at Sofia University and M.F.A. program in Film and Media Arts at Temple University, Philadelphia. He was a co-author of the first independent project for Constitution of Bulgaria. His science fiction book Irkalla, the Land of the Dead was a Bulgarian bestseller. From 1991 to 2012 he lived in the USA. He took part in the World Social Forum, Occupy Bulgaria, Life After Capitalism. In 2013 Val founded the film production company Demiurgia. Previous films: Contre Jour (2014, 29 min.), Bulgaria, This Eternal Heresy (2014, 128 min.)


Actress in role: YANA

Maria Bakalova was born in 1996 in Burgas, Bulgaria. In 2015 she graduated in the National School of Music and Performing Arts Prof. Pancho Vladigerov with specialty Acting for drama theatre and currently studies Acting in the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts Kr. Sarafov in the class of Prof. Ivan Dobchev. Maria is known for her first roles in several Bulgarian theatres such as The Plovdiv Drama Theatre, Sfumato and the Drama Theatre Ariana Budevska in Burgas. Previous films: The Father, Angels, Kalinka, XII A, Mario.

Rossen Pentchev

Actor in role: STOIL

Rossen Pentchev is born in 1975 in Sofia, Bulgaria. He holds a B.A. degree in Acting and directing for drama theatre in NATFA, Sofia and a M.A. degree in Directing for Film & TV in SWU, Blagoevgrad. Since his first appearance on screen in 1988 (leading role in The Giraffe), he has been working in different art fields as an actor, director, composer and performer. He took part in more than 60 projects in theatre, television, film, dubbing, music, commercials. Selected Filmography: The sign of the Bulgarian, Viking Quest, Immunity, Ungiven, Return to an unknown city, I'm not a Closed Circle, The Giraffe.