Review of Inner Spaces

by Maxim Genchev and Desislava Kovacheva

Drama - Noir

Bulgaria, 70 mins, 2017



Nina is 35 years old, her husband is 53. She loves him so much that she longs to have a child with him... Max also loves her. He is even flattered that Nina is very jealous but he does not want a child because he is afraid that the child will call him grandpa... The real reason for the conflict is that Max will soon be killed and only he knows that fact. The film is a reflection of the emotions and experiences of two lovers, inspired by real events that happened in a provincial town in 2007.

A poetic and sincere film, almost biographically accurate yet stunningly unexpected.

Title in Bulgarian: Pregled na vatreshnite prostranstva
Year: 2017
Country: Bulgaria
Duration: 70 min.
Language: Bulgarian (with English subtitles)
Shooting Format: MiniDV
Written by: Maxim Genchev and Desislava Kovacheva
Main Cast: Maxim Genchev and Desislava Kovacheva
Produced by: Desislava Kovacheva
Production: Amrita Art

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Review of Inner Spaces' Cast and Crew

Maxim Genchev

Writer, Director, Actor

Maxim Genchev is an award winning Bulgarian film director, writer and actor. He is born on the 28th of September 1954 in Bulgaria. Maxim graduated in the Bulgarian National Film and Theatre Academy Kr. Sarafov in 1980 under Professor Kr. Azarian. He worked 20 years as an actor in major Bulgarian theaters and over 30 international and national film productions and TV series. In 2007 he started his career as a film director and writer: Runaway Smartphone (2018), Review of Inner Spaces (2017), Inches from the Ground (2016), Levski (2015), Intruder (2010), On the Sidewalk Throne (2010, documentary), The Gerak's Family (2008). For the film Levski Maxim holds the awards for Best Historical Drama in Artisan Festival International Cannes World Cinema Initiative 2015, Best Film Editor in Feature Film in Darbhanga International Film Festival 2017 and the National Award for Excellence in Film Acting Lyubimetz 13 2015 in Dimitrovgrad, Bulgaria (shared with the rest of the film's cast).

Desislava Kovacheva

Producer, Writer, Actress

Desislava graduated in Piano and Art Management at the Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts in Plovdiv and Public Administration in South-West University. She started her film career in 2008 producing the independent feature The Gerak's Family and later the films Intruder (2010), On the Sidewalk Throne (2010) and Review of Inner Spaces (2017). In Levski (2015), Inches from the Ground (2016) and Runaway Smartphone (2018) she is an executive producer.

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