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We are glad to announce NovoKino's partnership with ARS Digital Studio

ARS Digital is a well known production company and studio with high-end services for sound post-production and dubbing in Bulgaria.

Our collaboration dates from 2010, long before NovoKino was born, when ARS Digital believed in Neshka Karadzhinska and produced her graduation film Pawnshop.

NovoKino represents ARS Digital Studio in the European Film Market 2018

Please, contact Neshka Karadzhinska, +359/ 886 395 408 - whatsapp

Projects in Development

Twisted World

By Marius Kurkinski

Black Comedy - Magical Realism

Bulgaria, 90 mins, 2019

Conceived in sin and abandoned by his parents, Milyu is fighting all his life to prove that one's will to prosper can change circumstances. Twisted World is a quest for happiness in a hostile world.
Crippled, through the mountain fields with the shepherds, the love of the prettiest and the welthiest woman in the village and the hate of her father, surviving the Balkan War, the European War and a death sentence, after his son has burned their house, Milyu finds a buried treasure and pronounces the words: The world, my son, has a lot of twists and turns. You never know which is for the worse and which is for the better."

Start of Shooting: November 2018
Script: Emil Bonev, inspired by the original story by the classical Bulgarian authorNikolay Haitov
Confirmed Main Cast: Kamen Donev, Marius Kurkinski
Production Support: The Bulgarian National Film Center

WE ARE LOOKING FOR: Co-production partners and pre-sales in Spain or Serbia (mainly but not limited to)
Detailed information is available on request:


By Dimitar Petkov, written by Dimitre Zlatinov

Drama - Crime

Bulgaria, 87 mins, 2020

A provincial town in Bulgaria, in the night of 28 December 1979. The Soviet troops have just invaded Afghanistan. Fear is hovering in the air. The army is in high alert. Three militiamen and their superior get entangled in a deadly story.
A militia boss, officer, fucks the 19-year-old wife of his subordinate. For one night, during the duty, four guardians of public order. The story starts with unfaithfulness and ends up with a murder, committed not out of jealousy but to save his life. This story starts with unfaithfulness and ends up with a murder. The unfaithfulness is from necessity, and the murder is for alibi. During socialist times, the so-called socialist realism ruled in Bulgaria. It did not show the battle between good and evil, because the evil was banished. The conflict was between the good and the better. In this story the deceit meets the lie and the evil faces demons...

Start of Shooting: November 2019 / Production Support: The Bulgarian National Film Center

WE ARE LOOKING FOR: Co-production partners and pre-sales with European countries that can relate to the spirit of liberation from totalitarian power over humanity nowadays:

Lily and The Anarchist

By Antoniy Donchev, written by Dimitar Petkov

Historical - Drama - Romantic

Bulgaria, 100 mins, 2021

During the WWII, a beautiful girl is implicated in a lethal love triangle. One of her lovers is responsible for the deportation of the Jews to the death camps. The other is a Jew, anarchist, sentenced to death. This is the true story of Lilyana Panitza, known as The forgotten savior of the Bulgarian Jews.

Estimated Start of Shooting: 2020
Shooting Locations: Bulgaria, Germany (Berlin)
Cast: Bulgarian, Italian, French, German
Script Development Support: The Bulgarian National Film Center

WE ARE LOOKING FOR: Co-production partners and pre-sales and Italian and French Cast
Detailed information is available on request:

Film for International Distribution

The Motorbike

By Valentin Goshev

Historical - True Story - Family

Bulgaria, 83 mins, 2017

The Motorbike is a film about friendship, which can endure for years, regardless of the ups and downs of historical events. In this film, Slavcho, Evelina and Willy (a German boy at their age) study in the village of Barakovo during the Second World War, where the three encounter for the first time love and hatred.

WE ARE LOOKING FOR: International Distribution