Does It Make Sense When It Doesn't Make Sense?! I.M.E. in the context of an event

by Neshka Karadzhinska


Bulgaria, 29 min., 2008



A documentary for three young artists and the art of performance.
"The very reaction of the audience was interesting. Because you can do anything, they can watch it in many different ways and you can call this art, because this is the live reaction of the people, but in fact it is your idea..."

Original Title: Ima li smisal, kato niama znachenie?! I.M.E. v konteksta na edno subitie
Year: 2008
Country: Bulgaria
Duration: 29 min.
Shooting Format: MiniDV
Language: Bulgarian (with English subtitles)
Written by: Neshka Karadzhinska
Cinematography by: Kiril Kirov, Neshka Karadzhinska, Boryana Hadzhimincheva
Music by: Ambient Anarchist
Participants: Ivo Dimchev, Elena Koleva - Ivanova, Mila Milieva
Produced by: Neshka Karadzhinska
Production: Neshka Karadzhinska, New Bulgarian University


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